Kris Jenner on her Super Bowl ad,

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LOS ANGELES – Kris Jenner is on set for today’s shoot at a multimillion dollar home in LA’s ritzy Brentwood neighborhood, filming the teaser for her first ever Super Bowl commercial.It’s early in the shoot day but that doesn’t stop the matriarch of pop culture’s first family from pitching the sequel – which of course she thinks should include daughter Khloé.

“I don’t know what happens. I just get thinking about something and what would make perfect, logical sense,” Jenner, 68, told USA TODAY. “I think I have good common sense, but it’s all about a timeline. And what we do in our show is literally not scripted and we don’t have a direction. We do what we do.”

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The popularity of that show – first “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” on E! and now Hulu’s “The Kardashians” – makes it hard to believe that this is Jenner’s first Super Bowl commercial. But alas, she finally can check that off her list too. Oreo, the iconic 110-year-old cookie brand, is back in the big game with its first spot since 2013. “Twist on It” flashes back to Jenner’s big decision on whether or not her family is going to star in a reality TV show. In lieu of flipping a coin, the “momager” decides to twist a cookie to make the final call.

The commercial was created by The Martin Agency, directed by Emmy-winner Dave Laden and produced by Hungry Man Inc. and PXP. It’ll air during the second quarter of the Super Bowl on CBS.

Jenner shared some of her fond memories of the cookie, including how the Kardashian-Jenner clan would buy the Oreos with different color fillings for changing seasons.

“It happens to be a cookie that’s older than I am,” she quipped. “(Oreos are) something that’s been in my house my entire childhood.”

As for the family’s reality show, that idea originated in 2006. It premiered a year later.“The decision was so easy for me,” Jenner recalled of choosing to do the show. “Then it was just getting the kids on board. That was easy. And I didn’t know if that was going to be easy or not.”

Kris Jenner stars in "Twist on It," a new Super Bowl commercial from Oreo. It's Jenner's first ad in the big game.

Jenner said she never imagined that the show would spawn 24 seasons, with number 25 filming during the time she gave this interview. The TV show’s popularity, and the family’s subsequent success, has also now led to a second Kardashian-Jenner Super Bowl commercial; Kim starred in a 2015 T-Mobile campaign.

“I’m very grateful for where we are in our careers today and how far we’ve come, how far the family’s come,” Jenner said. “And I’m so proud of them. And I hope they’re proud of me.”

The matriarch said that all of her kids will play a role in deciding how long the reality show continues. As for Kris herself, she struck a more reflective tone when speaking about a potential next move.“When somebody asks me these days what I love to do the most, I think that between all of the different projects that we work on, it’s just about spending time with the grandkids,” she said. “I have 13 now, so that’s really exciting. That’s where life means the most to me right now.”

Jenner ran the idea for the Super Bowl commercial by both Kim and Khloé; the latter has been known to keep a meticulously organized cookie jar at home. Jenner joked that she stole Khloé’s jar for the ad (Khloé commented, “You know you’re wrong for this,” on Instagram when Kris posted the teaser).

But was that a joke or perhaps a setup for the next commercial? Surely people will be keeping up to find out.

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