Mark Andrews helped save a woman’s life

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Ravens tight end Mark Andrews was a life-saver Thursday, finding himself in the right place at the right time to help save a woman going into a diabetic coma.

A man identifying himself as Andrew Springs, who goes by the handle naturalsprings on X, posted the story of Andrews’ heroics after the Southwest flight from Baltimore to Phoenix landed. The Ravens confirmed the story with a statement from Andrews.

“In addition to the fast-acting flight attendants, the real heroes are the nurse and doctor who also happened to be on the plane. Thankfully they were able to provide the woman the quick assistance she needed,” Andrews said.

In a series of posts, Springs said a woman had a mid-flight medical emergency.

“The doctor and nurse attending to her couldn’t find a strong pulse, her blood pressure was extremely low, and required oxygen to breathe. It was genuinely scary,” Springs wrote. “A man in the aisle seat popped up, ‘Could it be her blood sugar? I have a diabetic testing kit.’ It was @Ravens TE Mark Andrews. Andrews instructed the medical professionals (equal citizen heroes in this story) on using his test kit. Eventually her heart-rate stabilized.

“Paramedics met the flight as soon as we landed. Andrews deplaned quietly. No fanfare. As he has done his whole career, he stepped up in a huge moment when people needed him most. Watching complete strangers spring into action to help save someone’s life is truly amazing.”

Andrews, whose on-field heroics frequently help the Ravens, played the part of real-life hero Thursday.

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