Girl swings snake python to save pet

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A fearless 12-year-old Australian girl was able to save her pet guinea pig from the jaws of a python late last month as the snake was set to devour her pet in the family’s back yard.

Video shows Rosie Wightman jumping into action to save her pet guinea pig from the teeth of an eight-foot python.

Rosie looked into the bushes in her backyard and noticed her guinea pig, MaxiBon, was about to become a snake’s dinner.

Without hesitation, Wightman grabbed the snake by the tail and started swinging the snake around in circles until the serpent released MaxiBon in defeat.

Rosie Wightman, 12, saved her pet guinea pig, MaxiBon, from a snake in her backyard.

MaxiBon’s rescue from the snake

Rosie’s father said she was screaming during the terrifying encounter on Sunday, according to an article by ABC 13.

At the end of the video Wightman is seen tossing the python into a neighbor’s yard, a nod to his daughter’s successful rescue.

MaxiBon is safe and doing well the family reported.

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