After 3 calls on governor in 48 hours,

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RANCHI: Jharkhand governor CP Radhakrishnan invited late on Thursday night the JMM-Congress-RJD coalition’s CM pick Champai Soren to form a new govt in the state following Hemant Soren’s resignation from the top post and his subsequent arrest by ED in a land scam case the night before. A statement from Raj Bhavan confirmed the decision.
“We will now form govt possibly tomorrow or day after.Governor has permitted us,” Champai said after meeting the governor late Thursday – the second of the day. Congress MLA Alamgir Alam, who accompanied JMM leader Champai, said: “If the floor test happens within 10 days, we are ready.”
Earlier in the day, Champai sent a letter to the governor asserting his support from 47 MLAs and seeking two meeting slots at 3pm and 5.30pm.
No point in delaying the government formation in Jharkhand: Champai
Raj Bhavan summoned the Champai-led five-member delegation in the evening, and the governor is said to have informed them that he awaits legal and constitutional opinions on the matter and will communicate his decision on Friday. “We informed the governor that we have the numbers and there is no point in delaying the government formation if constitutional norms are to be followed,” Champai said.

Meet ‘Jharkhand Tiger’ Champai Soren, who would be sworn in new CM of state

The delay in forming a new govt prompted a plan by the coalition to relocate the majority of its 47 MLAs to Hyderabad to thwart potential poaching attempts by the BJP. But it was delayed due to adverse weather conditions and the MLAs, who had boarded a chartered flight, had to disembark and return to Circuit House in Ranchi on Thursday evening. Presently, effective strength is 80 in the 82-member assembly, with the majority threshold at 41. The BJP has 28 MLAs.
Despite having a total strength of 48 MLAs, including Hemant, Champai claimed the support of 47 lawmakers. Only 43 MLAs are in Ranchi, with four absentees, including JMM’s Sita Soren, Lobin Hembrom, Chamra Linda, and Ramdas Soren.
State Congress president Rajesh Thakur explained, “Ramdas-ji underwent a kidney transplant, while two lawmakers have personal engagements like marriages at home.” Talks of relocating the MLAs began on Thursday morning after a bus was spotted outside Circuit House, where 43 lawmakers were stationed overnight. State Congress chief Thakur said, “We have been waiting to hear from Raj Bhavan since morning for an invitation to form the govt.”
The move echoes a similar action taken two years ago when Hemant-led govt moved its MLAs to Raipur in the Congress-governed Chhattisgarh amid fears of horse-trading bids. The decision followed the arrest of three Congress MLAs with 49 lakh in cash and EC’s hearing of an office-of-profit case against the CM.
Watch Breaking! Champai Soren to be Jharkhand CM; Governor invites JMM leader to form govt; oath taking ceremony likely on Feb 2

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