New Guitar Controller for Fortnite

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PDP will be releasing a new wireless guitar controller later this spring for PS5, PS4 that’s solely compatible with Fortnite Festival and Rock Band 4. The device is said to sport up to 36 hours of battery on just a single charge, and will feature a thumbstick behind the guitar, supports both right and left-handed players, and has a 3.5mm audio jack.

Able to be folded in half for storage purposes, you can view the accessory in its packaging below. A price has not been announced yet.

PDP Riffmaster Controller PS5 PS4 1

The PDP Riffmaster will be compatible with Rock Band 4 out of the box, and an upcoming patch for Fortnite Festival will make it usable in the Epic Games title also. While Rock Band 4 finally had its DLC support ended, Fortnite Festival is only just beginning, so you’ve already got a huge music library to work with if you’ve been keeping up.

Are you interested in picking up a PDP Riffmaster? Strum away in the comments below.

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