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Hrithik Roshan and Deepika Padukone’s ‘Fighter’ was off to a roaring start at the box office scoring a Rs 120 crore extended weekend. However, it seems that the film’s business may just be slowing down after the holiday weekend.
Early estimates indicate that ‘Fighter’ has recorded an advance booking of Rs 1.75 crore for Monday, as it entered its fifth day at the ticket windows.These figures, primarily from morning shows, highlight a significant portion of the collection coming from 2D screenings, accumulating an estimated Rs 97.27 lakh. In contrast, the 3D version contributed an estimated Rs 6.77 lakh, while the IMAX 3D version clocked in at an approximate Rs 5.98 lakh.

It’s a common trend for films to experience a drop in collections on Mondays, but some manage to maintain steady momentum well into their second weekend.

‘Fighter’ kicked off with an impressive Day 1 collection of Rs 22.5 crore, witnessed a substantial rise on Day 2 with Rs 39.5 crore, and despite a slight dip on Saturday with Rs 27.5 crore, it concluded the weekend with a collection of Rs 28.50 crore.

Having enjoyed a solo release over the Republic Day weekend, ‘Fighter’ is set to dominate the box office for another uncontested weekend, with no major releases scheduled for February 2, except for the Hollywood film ‘Argylle,’ featuring

Henry Cavill, Bryce Dallas Howard, Dua Lipa, and Catherine O’Hara.
Despite the slower start on Monday, ‘Fighter’ has made its mark on the international stage. The film secured the 6th spot on the list of the highest-earning films at the US box office over the weekend, contributing an estimated $3.7 million to the domestic box office and accumulating an impressive global box office collection of $25.1 million.

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