Doesn’t it seem like there’s never enough time in the day to do everything that you want to do but when you’re doing nothing it seems like time is at a standstill? I have always been someone who is admittedly horrible at time management but I’m trying to make a concerted effort to change this. I want to use my time in a way that serves me – and doesn’t simply involve refreshing my twitter timeline.

At the same time, I’m also giving myself room to not do. To be still and let the world kind of do its thing without me because it’s okay to not feel every moment of every day with stuff.  Because the laundry isn’t going anywhere, except to the laundromat when I get good and ready to take it.

I’ll be so, so glad when winter releases its death grip on us because spring always feels like a time for renewal and refocus.  Time to open the windows, time to clean and purge and shed the weight of the cold weather. 

In the meantime – I’m going to try to whip this place into shape and make it look like something. I’m also not putting any pressure on myself.  If a week or a month lapses where it goes unupdated? That’s okay. I’m hoping that’s not how it goes but you know – I’ve done this before ;) 

After unceremoniously shuttering my blog in January – I found myself really longing for a space to right (I’m not even going to correct this even though OMG because it makes me laugh and probably solidifies the fact that I need to be writing more frequently). This feeling could be fleeting but I don’t think so.  I discovered that paper journaling left me feeling unsatisfied and so here I am.  I’m trying to keep it simple this time around.  Truthfully – I’m not sure if I even know how to blog anymore since what I know it to be has kind of gone away. But I’m here. For better or worse – we’ll see how things shake out.

Property Brothers – I don’t know what it is, but I am OBSESSED with this show.
Icona Pop’s – I love it, I LOVE IT
– Everything about Profesh Style. EVERYTHING.