I always wonder if I should write grey or gray. I know that one is more British than the other and I can never remember which. Oh, well. My sweet friend, Elle reminded me about this here blog yesterday with some very kind words. Sincerely, I miss it. Talking into the ether and cataloging my thoughts? I miss that. I did start trying to journal in 2017 but I turned that into more of some shorter gratitude lists, which I’m happy to be doing – but blogging is so different and I miss it. I need to stop making promises and just let it be what it is. Maybe I’ll give it a refresh soon. Maybe.

Today is such a gloomy day. So far I’ve eaten a cupcake and played fetch off and on with Shiro. For a long while she’d stopped being interested in playing but I love that she does it.

We got our date for our countertop installation and if all goes well and we can get our handyman to come the following day I’ll be cooking NEXT WEEK. I can not even begin to tell you how huge that is since we’ve been eating out for far, far too long.

I still can’t believe this is our house. Still. For all of it’s imperfections and all of what we have left to do – I love it. I love having this space in the world with The Ethiopian. I love that we can do whatever we want (when money allows!) and it’s ours. OURS!

Ate her dinner and crawled under the blankets to go to sleep ?

I’ve been talking (on twitter) about starting a blog or a category on this blog that would cover our home-buying and subsequent renovations. I’ve drafted a bunch of things in my head but if you look at the last time I posted, you’ll see that those posts never came to fruition. Oops!

We closed on our house August 24th and we moved into it about 2 weeks later. It’s livable BUT there is work to do in order to make it ours.

Currently we are a mess of boxes, bins and just… stuff everywhere. But it’s ours and that feels good. There hasn’t really been much to show because we’re in a perpetual state of waiting on contractors and bids and emails and phone calls, and, and, and.

All of this to say I WILL be sharing with you guys and I have been so appreciative of your well wishes, kind thoughts and  gifts – thank you!