Ebb & Flow

I feel like I always have to balance complaining with gratitude. Maybe it goes without saying but every day I get to move through this world, I am thankful. I am thankful for all of the goodness in my life, of which there is an abundance. I am thankful for the small things too – a steady paycheck, having a car – the things we tend to gloss over.

HOWEVER, 2014 has been intense and I know I’m not alone in my lack of sadness in seeing its days dwindle. I want to say I learned a lot this year but really I think I just was better at implementing things that I already knew. I was better at articulating myself with people that I care about and also recognizing when a situation was futile and no longer deserving of my love and energy. This is never an easy endeavor but as it relates to my own emotional well-being? Worth it.

With regard to my personal relationships – this year has been a bit odd. Some friendships flourished, some faltered in a spectacular way, some quietly fizzled out. I often had to remind myself of something I say often – not all friends are forever friends. This is not to say that I like, or don’t care when friendships fall apart but more of a it takes two stance. I want my relationships to exist in a space where honesty and equity are valued. And I want to be able to say, without fear of consequence – when things have gone off kilter. I learned this year, that approach does not work for everyone and I have to be okay with that. And while a loss is a loss, I found that my remaining circle of friends filled in the gaps.

I was lucky enough to go to Ethiopia again this year for my second visit, I made photography a focus in my life, I spent lots of time in the company of people I love and I prayed a lot. A lot. I’m hoping 2015 is just a little more gentle on all of us. If I don’t make it back here – I hope your holiday season is safe and joyful!


Christmas Styling With Eloquii

Given the fact that this domain is not strictly focused on fashion, I was so happy to be included with a group of ladies with whom I admire and share a fondness for the fashions of eloquii.

For this collaboration we all styled a sequined skirt. I think you can look at the photos and see just how unique an special sequins can be.

I was tasked for a holiday look at home and so I paired my skirt with this amazingly comfortable scuba floral sweatshirt, also from eloquii! Some simple jewelry, a bright lip and voilĂ  – a holiday look that you can wear with guests in your home or elsewhere.




See the other ladies at their respective blogs:

Photo Apr 21, 4 57 55 AM

Photo Dec 05, 2 55 49 AMSandra

Photo Dec 09, 9 56 28 AM


I woke up some time in the middle of the night to the sound of The Ethiopian’s laughter coming from our living room. Initially I frowned, angry that I’d been awakened from a peaceful slumber. It was no short burst of laughter, he kept laughing as whatever inspired his happiness was damn good. I felt the muscles in my fave relaxing as my frown gave into something else. There in the dark – I remembered how much I love that laugh, and the face from which it comes. And so, with a smile on my own face, I turned over and fell back asleep.