“Maybe aging is the great humanizer. Maybe it’s what brings us closer together: the collective realization that we’re moving further and further away from our youthful dreams, and well, this? This is what life is. It’s waking up at 5:30 to go to a job you like just ‘ok,’ and it’s Lean Cuisines for lunch and stealing a few minutes here and there in your afternoon to email friends and check blogs and play Sudoku. And it’s paying for a chocolate brownie with three miles on the treadmill, and it’s new years resolutions to eat less and save more and learn to balance your checkbook. It’s looking up old boyfriends on Myspace and finding college roommates and posting pictures that make you look hotter than you feel most days of the week, and it’s looking in the mirror and seeing someone older than you remember before, and it’s so, so much ordinary.”


The L Stands For Lacking


Tonight the 4th season of The L Word kicks off. The L Word, which was formerly a show I really liked forward to every week is now a jumbled mess of confusion. Somewhere along the way it seemed like it’s creators wanted to make it less about the core relationships and more about it being the lesbian version of Sex And The City.

So the clothes are fabulous, but who cares if the plots have big gaping holes and are, for lack of better words – stupid. I mean Jenny’s book and those weird flashback scenes at the circus/carnival, and then her falling in love with trans-gendered Max who subsequently let Alan Cummings give his fake penis a blow job?  I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.  Oh, and then killing off Dana and breaking up Bette and Tina only for Tina to find that maybe she’s not really a lesbian anymore?  Lame.

All I want is the show to get back to some sense of goodness and I have a sneaking suspicion that this is not going to be the season because ummm, Cybill Shepherd is not as hot as Sarah Shahi and forgive me if I’m really not all that into seeing old lesbians make out.

So, I’m hoping that the show can get it’s act together because really – it’s the only reason I have Showtime. The only upside to having Cybill Shepherd on the show is that my expectations bar is set really low. Really. Low.

image taken from the l word online


I was supposed to go see Dreamgirls, but I defaulted because I am still slightly itchy. That, and because curling up in my bed to watch old episodes of Family Feud on the game show network seemed slightly more appealling to me. Oh, and I made this apple crisp. The crust was delicious but the apples were slightly overcooked. Also, I think I’d cut back the granulated sugar to 1T. Still damn yummy.