Good Day

Impromptu Bathroom Photo Shoot.

Impromptu Bathroom Photo Shoot. Impromptu Bathroom Photo Shoot.

I am having one of those days. One of those days where you feel so good inside you can barely stand it. Maybe it's the sunshine, maybe it's because I went to bed early, maybe it's because I kind of love the pants I'm wearing today. Let me tell you that I love these pants so much, I contemplated devoting a post to them because I think they make my butt like nice and I pretty much want to wear them everyday for the rest of my life.

Today while I was outside sunning myself like a cat, I looked down and noticed that a caterpillar was crawling on my shoe. I did the appropriate amount of freaking out and he (I assume it was a boy) went on his merry little way. I felt so bad that someone might step on his furry, soon to be a butterfly self that I found a stick, picked it up and put it in a large potted plant – screw you natural selection. Ha! He'll probably get eaten by a bird tomorrow, but I tried.

Memo to the world – I kind of don't care about the Sex And The City movie. I feel like in saying that, I might get my girl card revoked -  but umm, the show ended for a reason – could we not just leave well enough alone? And moreover, there are so many spoilers on the internet – I already know what happens and I still don't care. I'm still going to go see it though because I hate to be left out of watercooler talk. Yes, peer pressure is a bitch.

And yes, those photos were taken in a bathroom. Bathroom photography is the new bokeh.

A Little Bit

The weather all around the world is starting to be a little scary. I don't really mind rain too much, but this is the fourth day and my tolerance is wearing thin. Just you wait – next week I will cavil about the heat, and there will probably be a swarm of cicadas and/or locusts to send me hurtling over the edge.

I thought I had something to discuss with you other than the weather, but my mind is stuck on stupid. So you don't feel like you wasted your time, here's a song. Lykke Li: A LIttle Bit – I totally should have posted this yesterday too, but I was being lazy. It's brightening my gloomy Monday. You will love it.

Sunday Share: Fly Away

I actually did almost forget the Sunday Share, thank you J. for being my musical reminder. I appreciate you. This week is all about artists on the rise. I am sure that you will love all of this week's songs. Songs expire in 7 days.

Algebra: I Think I Love You – I find a lot of music on myspace which makes me feel happy and dirty inside. Happy because YAY music! Dirty because man, the worst thing myspace ever did was let people "design" their own pages. This is uncomplicated R&B that is heartfelt and beautiful.

Burntface: Fly Away – Burntface is an Ethiopian/Eritrean Hip-Hop collective and it's really good. Seriously good. You can see the video for this song on youtube and it's one of the better music videos that I've seen a long while. So much of Hip-Hop is stale and uninspired, that this is like a big, fat breath of fresh air.

Estelle: You Are (Feat. John Legend) – I might feel about Estelle just like I did about Robyn and Amy Winehouse. That is to say until they have taken over the world, I'll just keep posting music from them because I need you to hear it.

Lykke Li: Complaint Department -  Goldfrapp meets Roison Murphy. I know, it excites me too.  Li is a Swedish singer and I've got a big crush on Swedish musicians so it's no surprise that I am head over heels in love with the sound of her voice and the sweetness of her music.