At some point last year I (and the rest of the internet) fell into the rabbit-hole that was Serial which essentially served as the cement to my podcast love affair. Over time, I’ve stopped listening to some and became deeply obsessed with others and so I thought I’d share some of my absolute favorites. Also, please tell me your favs over on twitter (@alovedlife) or email me (hello @

Another Round – Done by two AMAZING black women, Another Round is so smart, so funny and it’s like talking to your girlfriends in the most comfortable way ever.
Better Than The Movie – If you like books, you will LOVE this podcast.
Death, Sex & Money – This is one of my newer obsessions but it’s SO good. They recently did a New Orleans/post Katrina series that was amazing!
Last Name Basis – Interracial husband and wife podcast that focuses on what’s going on in our world with so much quirk and laughter.
Reply All – This is probably my very favorite podcast. It reminds me some of This American Life (another fav) but it’s so incredibly smart.
Spilled Milk Podcast – Molly & Matthew were doing podcasts before podcasts were a thing and they have incredible chemistry that makes you wish you could be in the room with them.

I sincerely believed that one I stated to work for myself that I’d probably be up late nights and sleep all day but surprisingly enough – I’m in bed must nights before my husband who gets up early for work and I woke up this morning shortly before 6. 

Typically, when it’s not even light out – I’ll grab my phone and read twitter or catch up on blogs until my eyelids start feeling heavy and I’ll go back to sleep until Shiro starts asking for breakfast around 830/9 and then I just give into the day.

I’ve always loved the mornings though and yes, I’m sure that my current affection has something to do with the fact that I don’t really have anywhere to go but to my computer. But still, I rise (early) and like it.

This morning, The Ethiopian is snoring and Shiro is laying right next to my head curled into the cutest ball of stripes and fur. There’s something about the morning silence (with the exception of that snoring!) that is so very calming and reminds me to count my small blessings. 

Good morning!

Yup, still painfully obsessed with this furball.