Week One

We made it through the first week of 2016! I found myself cooking kind of a lot. I need to be better about planning but that I’m motivated to cook as much as I have? A success.

top l: white chicken chili – deadly easy and just like any chili, that’s better the second day. 

top r: spinach and black-eyed pea curry – a riff on a recipe from my Vegan Richa cookbook, I loved this. I served it with Trader Joe’s naan and their veggie samosas.

bottom l: balsamic chicken drumsticks – you can find the recipe on my pinterest delicious board – I’d 100% double the sauce. Served this with sesame spinach and rice

bottom r: white chocolate and dried cranberry oatmeal cookies – my sister asks for these cookies every year for Christmas and because I had some leftover, The Ethiopian remembered how much he liked them and requested his own batch. I’m still trying to work out some kinks – I’m more of a flat cookie person and these don’t spread enough for me. If you have any tips, feel free to leave a comment.

Cooked but not pictured: beef enchiladas, a crockpot while chicken served with fried potatoes & onions because I am my mother’s daughter and cajun chicken and rice. 

Beyond cooking I’ve been trying to stay motivated and remember that sunlight is one of the keys to avoiding the winter blues. I’ve also been trying to actively remind myself how much joy reading brings me so dedicating an hour yo it a day is a small sacrifice for the return.

I hope you’re first week was great. Welcome to the new space. I was feeling digitally restless and so here we are. 


Hi! If you still read this blog by RSS – please note that the feed will change in the next day or so as I move the site to its new home! If you visit directly on the web, the site will redirect automatically to the new url www.lifeetc.org – see ya there!