Week Two

The second week of 2016 is in the books. I don’t know if I’m going to keep doing these weeklies but for now let’s just go with it. 

One of the things I want to do more of is really sit and plan my meals so that we waste less food. And wasting less food means more money. Win. Here’s what we ate the last week:

   Spinach and mushroom lasagna rolls – all the lasagna deliciousness, so much less fuss.

 Vegetable lentil soup with short ribs aka bowl of Southern comfort LOL!

   Baked potatoes and salad because zzzz

 Woke up early and made an egg sandwich for The Ethiopian with tomatoes, spinach, jalapeños & a little cheese.

   Used those short ribs (cooked in the slow cooker with just onions, garlic & a sprig of rosemary to flavor) to make chipotle short rib tacos with black beans and tex-mex corn cake 

 Still had some short ribs left from the tacos so they became chili. Realized I MUCH prefer my chili with pretty much any bean that isn’t a kidney bean.
  DIY cheeseburger macaroni. So easy to do without the box. I also added in a few tomatoes and some sour cream – because I can.

I think that’s it. Most of my breakfasts this week were of the Cheerio variety. If you’re not following me on pinterest, you should be – if there is a good recipe to be found? I have you covered! 

What’s on your table this week? Or if you have a recipe you’d like to share – please do! 

The Daily Shiro 









I couldn’t decide on one, so here are a bunch. I typically post “The Daily Shiro” on the actual day but these were all taken yesterday. 


This is where I sit down and tell you that I am struggling to stay motivated to do pretty much anything these days. I know that in this very moment some of it is hormones but some of it is the weather and a dollop of really trying to figure out how to be effective in working from home.

That last bit is really crucial. I’ve basically always worked since I was 16 and so the notion that I don’t have a traditional job to go to is kind of left me in a weird head space. I know that it takes some time to adjust but sometimes I feel rudderless and I have to reel myself in and tell my brain to shut up!

When I stop to think about all the time I have during the day and how much I’m currently not doing with it – I get angry with myself because I know that being able to chase this dream of mine is such a huge gift.

I’m writing this all down so that I can maybe get out of my own way a little. I’m acknowledging that not having a job in the traditional sense is not easy and that I need to focus on the things that are right in front of me if I’m going to be successful. Also, I need to really commit to the be physical part of my not resolutions.

So, for better or for worse – that’s where I’m at. I’m going to stay on top of this topic because I think it’s helpful to understand just what it’s like to make that transition and als for my own sanity.