– One of the cashiers at my local Giant is so incredibly nice that I actually stopped to tell her how good I think she is at her job!
– Santigold tickets!
– A new Jhumpa Lahiri novel (and the potential to maybe see her in person!)
– How the lady at my laundromat always chats with me & adds free money to my dryers.

This week I really, really did not want to cook dinners. But I managed to eek out a couple. 

   This was actually a breakfast I made for The Ethiopian yesterday. Egg white omelet with a few pan-roasted tomatoes and some goat cheese. Next to a Trader Joe’s hash brown and some avocado.

 A spring mix salad with avocado, beers, goat cheese and candied walnuts. We are this with baked sweet potatoes which apparently are a new hot commodity in our household 
   This was basically a take on cabbage rolls but “unstuffed”. We ate a lot of cabbage this week. I’m not mad.

 Shout out to Trader Joe’s orange chicken and veggie fried rice.
 This was really good –  cabbage,potatoes, smoked turkey sausage and peppers. Yum.

“We don’t pay enough attention to things. We know that, but we still don’t do it. Only after something’s over, or someone’s dead, or it’s lost, or it’s too late do we realize we’ve been speed reading life or people and missing the details.”

-Jonathan Carroll