Breakfast potatoes that I served with scrambled egg whites 

 Roasted sweet potatoes and lemon pepper chicken wings 

   Tilapia piccata. This was so, so good (served with the fried squash and mashed potatoes below)

 Beef meatloaf. The Ethiopian haaaaates meatloaf. So this was just for me. I normally make my meatloaf with ground turkey and after this one? Even though it was good, turkey is more my jam.
   Chocolate chip banana bread. Made this on a win when The Ethiopian got a snow day and worked from home.

 Lemon pepper wings and tomato & avocado salad that I took to The Ethiopian when I needed to take him something he forgot to work.
   Lemon pepper wings (we were having a moment – and note that I cook them under the broiler with very little oil) and a salad 

 Baked  cheese.  Kidding. It’s an eggplant gratin and it was delicious. We ate just with garlic bread.

  The aforementioned fried squash and mashed potatoes. 

Happy Valentine’s Day! This week I’d say I was in a bit of a slump. I’m so completely over winter and I need the sun to come back so I can start complaining about that. Here’s a cooking recap: 

   Pasta pesto with broccoli and lemon pepper chicken 

 Chicken tinga empanadas and guacamole (my favorite thing I ate this week)
  Chipotle turkey chili. So perfect for this dismal weather.  

 Chicken and veggie potstickers (that I obviously forgot about momentarily) from Trader Joe’s and a quick veggie lo mein.

– One of the cashiers at my local Giant is so incredibly nice that I actually stopped to tell her how good I think she is at her job!
– Santigold tickets!
– A new Jhumpa Lahiri novel (and the potential to maybe see her in person!)
– How the lady at my laundromat always chats with me & adds free money to my dryers.