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Week Four

I’m late with my weekly because life got a little harried last week – but I’m here! Can you even believe it’s already February?

I was pretty much terrible at remembering to take photos of dinner last week. I think I missed two dinners – a lemon pepper salmon, broccoli and wild rice situation and we quick dinner of salad and baked sweet potatoes.   

Baked pasta made with ground turkey.  

Hello, lover. Banana pudding.

    Chicken fajitas that we ate with refried black beans 

  Used the aforementioned lemon pepper salmon to top since alfredo pasta. Sooooo good.

    I didn’t make this! Impromptu date night with The Ethiopian at a pizza joint we love. 

One of the things I  really, really need to focus on is not going to the store daily. I used to shop every 7/10 days and now I go almost every day and it is a recipe for  disaster. Also need to really take a good, hard look at our food budget.  We have gotten markedly better with leftovers but I think we could trim the proverbial fat some more.

Week Three

This week finds me laying in bed and trying to stay warm as the east coast digs itself out from nearly two feet of snow. Thankfully, cabin fever is lost on me. I’m happy to be at home surrounded by my things – LOL! 

Other weekly highlights include getting a Costco membership. You guys have to teach me your ways – I love their rotisserie chicken and I did get some wild salmon and boneless/skinless chicken thighs but tell me what you love from there! 

Here is this week’s look at what I cooked. Starting to contemplate using my nicer camera if I’m going to continue these but then, effort. We will see! 

   Barbecue popcorn I made as a snack last night. I LOVE popcorn. A lot. This is stove-popped with a littke butter and canola oil. The seasoning is a a mix of: onion powder, garlic powder, cayenne pepper, paprika, salt and sugar. I never measure it but equal parts (except the cayenne/salt) is roughly it.

 hot chocolate, also from yesterday.  Half and half, milk (I used 2% because that’s my jam), vanilla, some semi-sweet chocolate chips. Sincerely do not understand why anyone would sink the powder when this exists and is just as easy.

  Cheesy vegetable chowder. So good. So  filling. Recipe can be found on my pinterest board called souper. I used red potatoes because they were here and added a chopped red pepper.

 Huevos rancheros were Saturday morning breakfast and I swear I could eat them every day. In fact – I’m mad I didn’t do it again today :(


Sesame chicken rice bowl. Rice bowls are kind of my current food obsession. They can go so many ways and by the time you prep what’s going on top of the rice, the rice (I use a rice cooker) is ready.

 Breakfast for one – rusted potatoes and a fried egg. I probably have this at least once a week.


  Ugly food is delicious. Because I can never fit as many enchiladas I’m a pan as I’d like, I often make it lasagna style. These were sooooooooooo good. We ate them with a side of refried black beans.

 Because some nights the easiest thing to do is bake a sweet potato and have a big salad!

   Salisbury steak meatballs which were served with mashed potatoes. This was a total and complete bust. Partly, I think because I tried to shortcut by using Trader Joe’s turkey meatballs. Lesson learned.

 Last night, although I prepped  a pasta to bake – I decided on finishing the veggie chowder and we had grilled turkey and cheese sandwiches to go along.

All in all, a pretty delicious week. I hope that you had a good one and if you were in the path of the snow storm – remember to be careful still! 

Week Two

The second week of 2016 is in the books. I don’t know if I’m going to keep doing these weeklies but for now let’s just go with it. 

One of the things I want to do more of is really sit and plan my meals so that we waste less food. And wasting less food means more money. Win. Here’s what we ate the last week:

   Spinach and mushroom lasagna rolls – all the lasagna deliciousness, so much less fuss.

 Vegetable lentil soup with short ribs aka bowl of Southern comfort LOL!

   Baked potatoes and salad because zzzz

 Woke up early and made an egg sandwich for The Ethiopian with tomatoes, spinach, jalapeƱos & a little cheese.

   Used those short ribs (cooked in the slow cooker with just onions, garlic & a sprig of rosemary to flavor) to make chipotle short rib tacos with black beans and tex-mex corn cake 

 Still had some short ribs left from the tacos so they became chili. Realized I MUCH prefer my chili with pretty much any bean that isn’t a kidney bean.
  DIY cheeseburger macaroni. So easy to do without the box. I also added in a few tomatoes and some sour cream – because I can.

I think that’s it. Most of my breakfasts this week were of the Cheerio variety. If you’re not following me on pinterest, you should be – if there is a good recipe to be found? I have you covered! 

What’s on your table this week? Or if you have a recipe you’d like to share – please do!