Here’s an outfit backlog for those of you who actually care about these things. You guys, serious question – what am I going to do when I can’t wear a blazer? SAD FACE. I’ve been wearing a lot of black and white & (I think) taking kind of a more graphic approach to getting dressed but in my heart, I just really love colors so they’ll never go away. Is there anything you’re really loving right now fashion-wise? Tell me about it, I’d love to know.



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You know, in a perfect world these posts would go up every Sunday or Monday – but you already know, life never goes according to plan. I’m not sure about you, but I think I’m over winter but I’m not ready to stop wearing jackets & scarves just yet.

I like this week’s set of photos – I always try to remind people that my style is not fussy. It’s thoughtful – everything I do, I do try to do with purpose, but at the end of the day – getting dressed should be fun and should reflect who you are. I hope that comes across in my clothes :)



I should just call this set of photos, my life as a layered cake because…layers, I LOVE THEM. The grey/maroon varsity jacket is one of those things I bought while I “wasn’t shopping”. My obsession with denim jackets and scarves continues – basically when in doubt, I wear a jean jacket and then sometimes just because. Obviously because of reasons.




So we all knew that eventually I’d mess up a week and not post these until the current week was almost over, right? :) Some thoughts – one of the reasons I love fall/winter is because it allows me to wear tights which means my hemlines are slightly shorter because I’m not comfortable with too much bare leg – it’s one of my “things”. Those purple jeans – I think they NEVER look good (although I do think that was an okay outfit fundamentally) and I need to just get rid of them. I tried. That Old Navy skirt (01/31) continues to be one of my very favorite things I own and I don’t care that it’s a little too big – I’m NEVER getting rid of it.


I gave that leather jacket some shine last week, eh? My favorite is the outfit from 1/25 with all the navy/black (why I chose that photo with me making that face? I don’t even know) – I really love pairing those two colors together & when you do it right I think it looks intentional and not like you got dressed in the dark. I hope?

I remain hopelessly in love with wearing scarves – it’s an issue, I know. As always, you can click the photos for details or embiggen.