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Category: loved lists

A Loved List

– Roasted cauliflower (chop it up, olive oil, garlic powder, 400° oven, cook it until it turns golden brown – eat the shit out of it!)
– Shamelesss on SHOWTIME! OMG SO GOOD!
Discoloration by Dawn Golden


– to be thankful for the good things
– that faith is the substance of things hoped for
– every day is a new today to start renewed
– that this too, shall pass
– pray

A Loved List

Things I love lately – in no particular order

+ The new Taylor Swift album, 1989 – I’m not making any excuses, I like what I like
+ That Mercury is FINALLY out of retrograde. That was TOUGH.
+ Jane The Virgin – do yourself a favor and just watch it, it’s so, so good.
+ Cooler nights = more cuddling
+ Nars Audacious lipsticks. HOLY CRAP THEY ARE SO GOOD! I want them all but at $32, they are a treat. A beautifully, luxurious treat.

A Loved List

– sleeping with the windows open

– the way new clothes smell

– snapchats (and texts and skype) with Sarah

–  blush

– glittery lip gloss