– Playground swings
– The sun on bare skin
– Slow dancing with someone you love
– A purring cat
– Hearing a song that you love after a really long time of not having heard it

What’s making you happy lately?

– One of the cashiers at my local Giant is so incredibly nice that I actually stopped to tell her how good I think she is at her job!
– Santigold tickets!
– A new Jhumpa Lahiri novel (and the potential to maybe see her in person!)
– How the lady at my laundromat always chats with me & adds free money to my dryers.

I think today is the perfect day for a list of things that I’m grateful for. I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, it’s in peace.

– The Ethiopian being able to pop home in the middle of the day just to give me a kiss before heading back to work
– Dinner & a movie with friends this evening
– Good news from two friends that I worry about a lot (you know who you are and yes, I worry! I’m a worrier!)
– A new (to me) car. Thanks to The Ethiopian
– Finished reading Animal Farm in bed last night with The Ethiopian (I guess he’s a theme?). We read aloud to each other and then discussed the book like two nerds.
– My brother-in-law, Serway. We called Ethiopia to speak to him yesterday and he’s always such a gift.
– Shiro. Didn’t realize there was a tiny hole in my heart that this little furball filled.
– The changing weather – I’m going to miss it being light out until 8pm but cooler days? Bring it on.
– The West Wing. I never watched when it was on air and so I’m watching on Netflix now. SO. GOOD.

At some point last year I (and the rest of the internet) fell into the rabbit-hole that was Serial which essentially served as the cement to my podcast love affair. Over time, I’ve stopped listening to some and became deeply obsessed with others and so I thought I’d share some of my absolute favorites. Also, please tell me your favs over on twitter (@alovedlife) or email me (hello @ alovedlife.com)

Another Round – Done by two AMAZING black women, Another Round is so smart, so funny and it’s like talking to your girlfriends in the most comfortable way ever.
Better Than The Movie – If you like books, you will LOVE this podcast.
Death, Sex & Money – This is one of my newer obsessions but it’s SO good. They recently did a New Orleans/post Katrina series that was amazing!
Last Name Basis – Interracial husband and wife podcast that focuses on what’s going on in our world with so much quirk and laughter.
Reply All – This is probably my very favorite podcast. It reminds me some of This American Life (another fav) but it’s so incredibly smart.
Spilled Milk Podcast – Molly & Matthew were doing podcasts before podcasts were a thing and they have incredible chemistry that makes you wish you could be in the room with them.

– calamari (fried, sautéed – even the weird legs 😍)

– pizza (I prefer veggies and bonus of there’s no marinara – white pizza all the way!)

– chickpeas – in soup, as hummus, curried, roasted. 

– eggs – quiche, fried over medium (NO RUNNY WHITES), boiled, soft scrambled with cheese

– tex-mex – I’m being specific because the Mexican food I love is nothing like authentic Mexican cuisine and that’s okay. Special heart eyes emoji goes out to fajitas, plantains and guacamole