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Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog. I contemplated moving it, changing platforms (I did do this from wordpress to textpattern which I always seem to circle back around to), about closing it (again) or what I’m even still doing writing about my life online all these years later. Whenever someone gets sentimental about blogging, they always tell you how looooooooong they’ve been doing it but you guys – I’ve been doing this for a really, really long time.

I know that twitter and its 140 character world has definitely stymied my ability to write long form but whenever I log into the admin side of my blog, it feels like slipping into something comfortable and I find that I miss it.

I don’t want this to turn exclusively into a blog about Shiro although she is horribly, horribly cute!

I don’t know why I have all this reticence about not documenting my life. Blogs come and go. People vanish without so much as a goodbye and it’s highly unlikely that I’ll leave twitter any time soon but blogs. Doesn’t everyone miss blogs? Or at least what blogs used to be. The documentation of the the mundane that let you know that your mundane was just as mundane as the next guy?

I have these grand ideas about doing something different and special for alovedlife but you know – it’s fine as it is. A depository for pictures of my (OMGSOKAYUTE!) cat and random thoughts/videos. I need to stop wanting it to be anything other than it is and maybe I’ll actually be able to write something coherent. Maybe.


I don’t look at my horoscope daily but when I do – it’s almost always Susan Miller. Today? I am listening. You win, Universe.


Randomly, someone liked an ancient photo I’d posted on flickr which made me think about someone from my past. I find that often when relationships sour, after I’ve gone through the various stages of grief and then rationalizing – that I’m pretty solid at moving on. But I do sometimes have moments when I think – what would it be like to be friends with that person again?

I don’t feel this about a lot of people – and for that, I am absolutely thankful because sometimes I think dredging those things up is just a really, really bad idea.

I wonder if there is a point of no return? A time in which so much time has lapsed in a relationship that it’s just unable to be recovered. And, moreover – is it ever a good idea, even if you feel that the relationship didn’t fail at your hands – to say, let’s just not do this thing anymore?

I don’t know – just thoughts tumbling around in my brain.

To Remember

"Self-pity is the graffiti of the heart but not so easy to avoid. I don't want to wallow. But I begin to see that wallowing is a chronic malady easy to condemn and hard to cure."

-Excerpted from Anne Roiphe's memoir Epilogue