Eating – mozzarella sticks & a salad. The salad is mostly b/c I felt bad for just ordering mozzarella sticks.
Wearing – a ridiculous amount of both mascara and lip gloss; I am who I am
Reading – The last complete book in the Game of Thrones series. I read a lot in Ethiopia & I’d like to keep the momentum going
Loving – the smart folks I follow on twitter who inspire me daily.
Feeling – sad that I’m driving my niece to college today and leaving her there. TEARS.
Wanting – to be on vacation again

Watching: 30 Rock. Now trying to decide between Hannah Montana and Grey's Anatomy. What? Miley Cyrus is funny.

Wearing: Far too many clothes because it was almost 100 degrees today even though it's fall. THANKS GLOBAL WARMING!

Eating: Lots of Three Sisters cereal. SO GOOD.

Going: To dinner with my friend Tyler soon.

Baking: Tomorrow, red velvet cupcakes for a party.

Are you -ing anything good?

Listening – Norah Jones; if you haven't listened to her album The Fall – you should. Do that now.

Just finished eating – Trader Joe's white cheddar cheese puffs. Crack in a bag.

Feeling – Exhausted

Needing – To have my eyebrows done.

Wanting –  A smaller to do list