Reading – Shrill by Lindy West. It’s taking so long to plug along with this but I want to finish it so I will.
Watching – P-Valley on Starz. I’m up to date and I’ll probably keep watching but I’m not invested.
Eating – Still obsessed with the coconut curry lentils from budgetbytes
Craving – The yuca fries from Chicken + Whiskey
Listening – WAP by Cardi B + Megan Thee Stallion and a lot of King Princess
Feeling – happy about milestones and sad about distance
Showering – IN MY OWN DAMN HOUSE (this bathroom reno is straight garbage but I can shower and that is important)

Let’s baby step back into this thing, okay? Okay.

Feeling – Anxious. Sad. Allergy-ridden

Listening – After Hours by The Weeknd and Jojo’s new single, Man

Reading – Nothing at this very moment but going to start Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower + beta read some goodness for a friend

Eating – ALL. THE. SNACKS. Current fav? Fritos Scoops + veggie cream cheese

Watching – Watched <a href=”″>Fall Girls</a> with friends using Netflix Party last night. Yes, it was as awful as it looks.

Cooking – We had ramen for dinner and it was fantastic. I brought two cookbooks upstairs to thumb through before bed. Being at home is going to force my creativity and I’m into it.

Wanting – Everyone to be safe

Watching – Grace & Frankie on Netflix
Needing – to do so much editing
Loving – that I need to do so much editing
Feeling – cold. Hey summer, show your face!
Buying – a couch. TODAY! and a dining table!
Eating – Honey Nut Cheerios pretty much obsessively
Crushing – (redacted)

watching – The Williams’ sisters final match of The Australian Open
eating – A sausage, egg, and cheese mcgriddle :|
anticipating – being able to cook in my finished kitchen so that I can stop eating the above.
readingA Piece of Cake
listeningHi-Five: Greatest Hits
painting – my living room today! Behr Flannel Gray
loving – these Nestle White Chip Macadamia Nut Cookies (full-on obsession)
contemplating – painting my window trim black. It’s not historical or fancy so I think it could be so great.
researching – Dishwashers. Yep. That’s what my life has become.

watchingPower on Starz!, there’s a lot (a lot!) of what I perceive to be gratuitous sex in this show but The Ethiopian loves it and so it’s one of “our” shows.

waiting – for The Ethiopian to come home & bring me the fixings for the wedge salad of my dreams

thinking – I have so much work to do

anticipating – the 24th (more on that on the day)

lovingThe REWM – I love this blog so much I almost didn’t want to share it.

feeling – happy about all the #blackgirlmagic at the Rio Olympics

also feeling – very blessed & thankful for how prayer makes me feel.

wanting – SO. MUCH. STUFF.

What are you -ing lately?