Hi! (taps mic) Is this thing on? It’s so funny to be connected to the Internet almost as extension of myself and yet this space languishes, collecting virtual spiderwebs that I occasionally pop in to sweep up. So much of my life has changed this year that I know I’ll be sad if I don’t take the time to document things – and also write. I miss writing. 

My brother-in-law (one of them) made a quick stop in America via Thailand and so for those 10 or so days he was here we crammed in all the family time. ALL. THE. FAMILY. TIME. It was like a holiday, but in the middle of summer. Still, a welcome visit. 


This also means that I saw a lot more of my nieces because said brother-in-law stays with the father of our nieces. You guys already know my nieces are everything in this world to me and when I walk through they door? It’s the closest I’m probably ever going to feel to being a rockstar. 

I’ve been encouraging them to read by buying them books and making them give me oral book reports. My oldest niece is a voracious reader, and the middle mimics her every move so hopefully the tiny one continues on that path.  It’s such a small thing but so, so important. Which reminds me, I should plan to take them to a public library and get them library cards this summer. 

I’m shooting a wedding in (less than!) two weeks and I’m really, really excited about it. Photography continues to challenge me in ways innumerable but I love it. LOVE. I just need to be more proactive about getting people to pay me for it ;)

What else? My goddaughter and one of my bff’s swung by to hang out with me for an afternoon. My goddaughter is 16 and there are moments wherein I see the teenager in here but often she is insightful, serious and contemplative and I really love that about her. While she was here we talked about her life plans. I’ll talk more about what she shared in another post because it was a lot for me to unpack. 

So. Right now, I guess that’s it. My summer so far is family, food and photos. Not a bad life. This is where I tell you I’m going to make a concerted effort to write more but you know how that goes so I’ll see you when I see you.



So, hey – in case you didn’t know – I got a cat! LOL! Her name is Shiro (pronounced sure-oh – say it quick!) and she’s the most adorable, smartest little badass and I LOVE HER SO MUCH! It’s been a very long time since I’ve been without a pet and as corny as I know it sounds – she’s made our lives so much better.

I’m still trying to gain my footing with working for myself and from home. I’ve never been really good at time management but it’s so vital to my well-being that I know that I have to focus on it or I’m doomed.

The last 6 or 8 months have been winding to say the least. On a personal and a professional level it’s just been kind of taxing and part of me has withdrawn in order to keep my sanity. I’m definitely someone who downplays, especially in times of stress and it’s not that I don’t feel that I can go to my friends or family (I can! I LOVE YOU!) but I always turn inward and internalize. Healthy? No. Who I am? 100%.

Still though, I feel the fog is lifting – some of it is just the change of the weather and some of it is the simple passage of time and resolution of things. There are so many good things bubbling beneath the service and I want to make room and invite them in to hang out with me.

I’m hoping that with this ebbing fog, I’ll be able to string together more words, pick up my camera more often and just lean into all the goodness and light – a spring renewal, if you will.

Hope all of you who are reading (all 7 of you :p) are happy and well.

I woke up this morning and made a mental to-do list. A quick trip to Target, maybe lunch and then back home to do some work for my photography business but life had other plans. I was done at Target ($20 y’all!) and headed home my car just died. I could feel the power gradually going and I was able to make it so I wasn’t fully blocking traffic but God sent me an angel who PUSHED MY CAR out of the road and even tried to jump it, to no avail, for me. I called my insurance to get roadside assistance and I waited for about an hour until the tow truck showed up – thankfully my phone was fully charged.

So, here I sit – $700 poorer but thankful that we had $700 to fix it. I may have had a small (major) meltdown earlier about it. But I’m fine. Have I ever talked about how one of the things I do when I’m stressed is to rearrange furniture? Often without a plan as to where things are going to go. Yeah. So – I rearranged my bedroom and ate things that are not good for you and I feel better.

I hope you had a good day :)

Let’s talk about resolutions and how either you’re the kind of person who makes them or the kind of person who rolls their eyes at the people who do. Actually, I don’t know – now that I think about it, I’m probably somewhere in the middle but that’s because my own resolutions are more of the life goal sort. Yes, that’s the party line and I’m towing it.

I’m hoping 2015 is the year that I do lots of things – learn to swim, become a millionaire photographer, etc – but I’m trying to keep my resolutions, nay, my goals a little more attainable. I definitely want to continue to grow my business. Photography has become my precious baby, and I just want to nurture it and help it grow into something I can be proud of. I want to be more physical in a consistent way. I’m not looking to lose weight or run marathons – I just want to make sure that my heart doesn’t atrophy from neglect. I want to continue to pray/meditate daily because I’ve found that it is invaluable to my peace of mind. In fact, I prayed my way into the new year, a tradition I stole from my friend Leslie. I’m not trying to curry favor with God but that moment really felt nice.

Maybe I’ll write more in 2015? Maybe I’ll actually start using my giant collection of cookbooks. I don’t know. There are some things that didn’t quite make the list but I’d like to do all the same and so they’re in the back of mind.

I hope that whatever you doing when the clock struck midnight that it made you smile. There’s that special something when we allow ourselves to believe that we can start over and I think new years have that affect on many of us. Good luck with your resolutions/goals ;)