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I can't believe it's May already. I feel like it was just yesterday when the entire internet was making a list of their favorite music from 2007 and in a few weeks we'll be at the halfway mark for the year. Enough of my waxing, here's some music. Please right-click and save as, and if it's possible – love it as much as I do.


Al Green: Stay With Me (By The Sea) Feat. John Legend – It's funny to me when artists that my Mom grew up listening to become relevant again, not that I can't appreciate a good Al Green song – but this new material is so fresh and so beautiful and still so Al Green. That is to say – makes you want to get butt naked with someone.


Frighty & Colonel Mite: Life (Is What You Make It) – It's possible that you've heard this song before many moons ago and it's possible that you haven't. At any rate, it's a song someone near and dear to my heart likes and so Im posting it.


The Ting Tings: Shut Up And Let Me Go – This would be the song from the new itunes commercial. I am resistant to itunes because I'm just difficult like that – but I can't deny the pull of their advertising.


The Roots: Rising Down feat. Mos Def & Styles P – It's been a really long time since a Roots album excited me, but their new release has me feeling things I haven't felt in a long time about Hip-Hop. I chose this song from the album because it's great and I kind of have a crush on Mos Def.






It?s that time. A few things didn?t get photographed because I forgot (the flourless chocolate cake and raspberry sauce I made for my fischer-price first Seder) and a handful of other things I can?t remember at the moment. At any rate – here are some of my favorites from the month. You can see them all in a slideshow here (or view as a set).

Carrot Cake Dinner 04.14.08

Dinner 04.25.08 Dinner 04.28.08