I had such a fantastic day today. Met my e-friend, Inga, who it felt like I’d known forever and a day. We ended up with friends; eating, laughing, drinking wine, listening to music and dining wine. Did I mention there was wine? There was so much wine.

Sometimes when I step back and think about how much joy the people I love bring me, it feels unfair because there is SO much love. But I’m just going to take it in and be grateful.

Look, I could start this post off with an apology for an endless stream of cat photos and very few words but you don’t want to hear my platitudes, do you? Okay, then :) I will say that I’ve been having lots of conversations with my friend Zal about missing what blogging used to be and feeling a little nostalgic and a lot angry that everything is all about the Tubmans now. But, I digress.

I’ve been thinking a lot, a lot lately about paring down my wardrobe. Partly because I think my style is evolving and partly because I think it would just be easier to get dressed. So what does paring down mean to/for me? Ideally I’d like the largest core of my closet to be denim and things that are either navy, grey, black or white. If you know me or have followed me for any length of time you know this is just a bit absurd because I dress like a bag of skittles and I think I WILL keep some things that are colorful, but ultimately – I really, really need to purge some things and my closet and stop holding on to stuff.

I’m not going all Konmari Method or anything, but I just think about the amount of things I own and it makes me frown aggressively. Yesterday, I cleaned out my desk and the amount of just paper and usb cords and …stuff – I wanted to punch myself in the eye.

If you have any experience with a minimal wardrobe, give me all your advice. I need help.

Yesterday I went to the doctor to discuss what we think are panic attacks. They are brief but terrifying and thankfully I’ve only been having them a few days. I love my doctor, she is an impossibly nice middle-aged woman who shares slightly too much with me which engenders me loving her that much more. She said I was probably the 5th or 6th person she’d had through the office yesterday who came about anxiety – I don’t want to be all misery loves company but that made me feel so much better. I had an ekg and my heart is fine which is good to know because if you didn’t know – one of the super cool things about panic attacks is that they often make you think you’re having a heart attack. I consider myself a very practical person and yet I just couldn’t quite get out of my head enough to not have those “OMG EYE YAM DYING RIGHT NOW!” thoughts – so I went and I’m fine and if you have panic attacks – please go see your doctor. Please.

Today I’m going to put clean sheets on my bed and maybe hang a different set of curtains. I find that since my work space is in my bedroom, I have to change things pretty regularly or I get restless. I’m hoping that in our next space – I’m more able to define my spaces and I can not have my “office” in the bedroom but we make do for now. I am so thankful that the weather is breaking. Winter was so incredibly brutal to my spirit – I don’t think I’d realized just how bad I needed this sunshine. It makes me want to do all the things and today I woke up and I felt – happy and ready to start to the day. Vitamin d, you’re amazing!