– Hoodies – I want to wear them with EVERYTHING!
– Sweatshirts – hello comfortable thing that can be dressed up or down
– Oversized, ridiculous earrings
– 90’s R&B
– Felicity on Netflix Instant

+ The gentleman I see when I’m walking to get my daily Starbucks on the bike trail behind my apartment
+ Bob Marly’s Selassie Is The Chapel
+ The two little girls outside of the aforementioned Starbucks wearing pink, tutu dresses.
+ How my favorite barista (is there a theme today?) calls me Miss + my first name
+ How beautiful the sun shining was today.
+ Spotify
+ How the older, Indian gentleman at my CVS called me Mrs. + my last name today – I adore him.

When of the downsides of apartment living is that you’re at the mercy of the people who oversee them. So, imagine how annoyed I was when I went home last night to find a big sheet of paper on the door letting us know that today the power would be out from 9 until 1pm. As many of you already know, my schedule is not conventional and so that meant that for those 4 hours I’d be without electricity. Total first world problems, I know. But still annoying.

So, of course, they were late turning it off and I’d settled into the idea that maybe it wouldn’t go off and went to heat up food in the microwave and 30 seconds in? That sweet sound of all the electricity fleeing.

Thankfully, I have a gas stove, so I heated up my food and sat on my couch watching re-runs of Happy Endings on my couch. Sidebar: if you don’t already – PLEASE check the show it. It’s BEYOND funny. I promise. After that – I wandered my small square footage looking for a purpose and since I could find none, I took a nap. Of course when I got up to get ready for work, there was still no power and I kept trying to flip switches and do things that require electricity.

In hindsight – I should have made a video talking about all the things you can’t do when you have no power so that later on I could watch it and remind myself what a brat I am. Trust me, I know.

A random list of things that are better when imperfect

– smiles
– a pancake that isn’t perfectly round
– a bed (specifically: an unmade one)
– the way toddlers “walk” (or toddle if you will)