Steady As She Goes

I just renewed this domain. Why? If you know – please tell me. I’ll probably update it 6 times in the next year but there is something in me that is deeply unwilling to let it go. So, what I have been doing instead of writing here? The same shit I’ve been doing online forever. Scrolling endlessly on instagram, hurling my spaghetti thoughts at the twitter wall, online shopping. All things I need to be doing much less of and yet…

In amazing and brilliant news – my student loans got forgiven. I can’t even begin to put into words how huge that is for me. The idea of them looming in the background like some kind of financial boogeyman was a VERY BIG DEAL so to see that the balance was zero in writing? Wow.

Let’s wrap this rambling list of things I loved today and call it a day. I’ll see you (whoever is reading this!) when I see ya.

– getting to hold a perfectly chubby six month old baby
– leftover tacos for lunch
– when FW calls me darling
– driving alone and controlling the music without commentary
– Shiro snuggles