Days Gone By

Time is fake. I am declaring it. I believe it. Can’t be real because how has it already been more than 2 weeks since I’ve updated this thing? At any rate – we’re not going to do that apologizing for living life or being idle because the real crux of the matter is that it’s just hard to remind yourself to write in a public space and to try to filter it in a way that feels authentic and true – damn it, I really miss the early 00’s.

I’m up and waiting on a coffee delivery before I head off to a job that is absolutely too late into the day to be doing (because it’s bright outside) but I am at the whim of the people who pay me and so I’m going and it will be fine. I’m working later today – taking senior photos which I love and wish I could do more of but that is absolutely not work that finds me – and I’m terribad at self-promotion. Note to self: work on that.

Tomorrow we’re celebrating our friend’s kid’s 1st birthday – she’s a real dollbaby of a human and I’m excited to photograph her and eat birthday cake.

M’s aunt (his father’s last living sibling) died last week. She was an absolute delight – warm, funny and impossibly kind. She spoke very little English and I speak a pre-schooler’s amount of Amharic but we always managed to get along and communicate and she always asked The Ethiopian about me when they chatted. Her death leaves a pretty big hole in our family but what a joy of a life.