A Loved List #1

Because I’m a capitalist and I know you are too! I recently gave my bedroom a little spring refresh and here are some of the things that I (mostly) purchased from Uncle Jeff that I HIGHLY recommend! (links are affiliate links)

French Linen Sheets – I just discovered the joy that is linen sheets in the last year or so and I am currently OBSESSED. They feel so good on the skin and sleep comfortably year round. I know these are spendy but they are 100$ French linen. If you’d like to try something linen adjacent this set from Hearth and Hand at Target is a linen/cotton blend and I have two sets (these are actually my husband’s preferred sheets but he’s wrong – LOL)

Down Alternative Pillows – I try to change my pillows like once a year or so because I feel like they just aren’t as good but I’ve been told these will probably eliminate that issue. They are incredibly comfortable and luxe. You can also get them down-filled but I hate a feather pillow so I opted for these and I am sleeping like a baby.

Washed Cotton Duvet Cover – I originally thought this was a fully linen duvet but it’s a linen/cotton blend but it’s lovely. I got it in the blue color and it just looks a lot more expensive than it actually is. I also LOVE when duvet covers have zippers as this one does.

Duvet Insert – TECHNICALLY you could use this a comforter and if you’re a hot sleeper – you would probably love this because it’s incredibly light but I’m using it as a duvet insert. PRO-TIP – the home interior girlies told me that in order to get that hotel fluffy look – to use TWO duvet inserts and I’m impressionable and I did and I can report that I love it. And because this particular insert is so light – adding the additional one gave me the weight I like to feel when I sleep but no additional heat. WINNER.

Velvet Curtains – I actually got these curtains late last year and I love them so much. I always joke that I sleep in a cave so I DID put an additional blackout liner behind them for my personal delight but I’d say for most folks they probably block out a sufficient amount of light with no extra effort.