On My Mind

I’ve been thinking about this space often and yet it’s hard to make myself log into wordpress and do the thing. I think part of it was just that those last vestiges of winter had my brain in vise grip and the winter blues marched on. So here is a bunch of random shit I’ve been thinking about lately in no particular order.

– I’ve said on more than one occasion to friends how covid has altered who I am forever. While I am still the very definition of an extrovert – I’ve become incredibly protective of my personal time. It can be hard to explain to people who love you and experience you in a specific way that this change isn’t about them but very much about you.

– Do you remember when The Secret was on Oprah and everyone in the whole world was on a wave of manifestation? And then just as quickly as everyone got on the train – they leapt off and decided it was hokum? Here is where I tell you in the last few years I’ve really sat with the idea of manifestation/positive thinking/prayer and tried to incorporate it into my day to day and let me tell you that the ways in which it has been a delight to me? UNDEFEATED.

– Reciprocity is a word I use A LOT when I think about how I show up for people and how I want people to show up for me. I struggle sometimes to strike a balance in relationships without trying to gold medal in all of the things, always saying yes, etc. I often am guilty of giving too much of myself and then being resentful. This very much feels like a – you made your bed now you gotta lie in it situation but I guess when I’m trying to rationalize the thing – I think to myself how weird/wild it is to ask people to show up for you in ways that you never show up for them or others. That doesn’t mean you have to be just like me but also – don’t ask me to pick you up from BWI (IYKYK) if you would never do the same.