I’ve opened up this box a bunch of times and started typing a bunch of word salad that’s in my big head only to save it to draft because the thoughts didn’t feel fully fleshed out and I’m still not sure how open/vulnerable I want to be in this space yet. I’m toying with the idea of password-protecting some posts so if you see one of those pop up and you want in – please let me know (first name @ g m a i l or message me on insta/twitter).

A thing I’ve been saying often is how it takes so much of our lives to kind of figure it all out and then you spend the back half of this thing trying to implement it all. Part of me thinks we just overcomplicate the fuck out of everything when life is quite simple but having lived for 44 years – I know that narrative isn’t all the way right. let’s be honest – it’s kind of wild to still be a work in progress after all this time – when am I going to achieve nirvana? Laughing out loud but also – serious face.

This post is giving existential crisis vibes and I promise you it’s just pms (I’m laughing).