This weekend, The Ethiopian and our close friend are renovating our home’s one, very tiny bathroom. Because I don’t want to interrupt their work flow with my need to pee or have to pee in a bucket, I fled my home and am staying in a hotel nearby. I really don’t stay in hotels very often so I forgot how luxurious it is to sleep in a king-sized bed and just how dark blackout curtains actually are in a hotel (VERY!). Also, because of the pandemic – I’ve only been in my own home for an incredibly long time and this has been kind of nice. I also picked a place that I can walk easily to a Starbucks (important!) and to food – or just get out and walk in general and that was just an A+ decision on my part.

Yesterday I watched the Hamilton film and it was so good. It’s kind of funny how much I love Broadway (especially musicals) and have never been to one. I just told Y yesterday that one of my dreams would be to stay in New York for a week and see a show every day that I’m there. It’s a big and expensive dream but I’m putting it into the universe all the same.

I also spent time watching old episodes of Cougar Town and generally just lazing about. It did not suck. Today my plan is much of the same. Going to do some private journaling, maybe pick up my Kindle and just spend time with my thoughts. It’s such an incredibly weird 4th of July with the pandemic happening and I’m actually thankful to be out of the city because the fireworks are non-stop and annoying.