Good Eats

Let’s face it – planning what you’re going to cook is the absolute pits. I feel like 86% of my mental capacity on any given day is spent trying to decide what I need to add to my instacart/amazon carts and subsequently, what I’m going to cook with the ingredients from those carts. So, I figured I would share some links to things I’ve cooked in recent days that are worth your time. If you have suggestions for me please send them to me on twitter or instagram dm me

Panda Express Copycat Black Pepper Chicken
Indian Style Creamed Spinach
Butternut Squash Ravioli With Brown Butter Sauce, Spinach + Walnuts (I skipped the walnuts because I didn’t have any and it was still wildly delicious)
Easy chocolate mousse (SO GOOD! I strongly suggest mixing dark chocolate w/ semisweet or some combo therein)
Chrissy Teigen’s Split Pea Soup w/ Crispy Hot Dogs from her cookbook, Cravings (I know, seems weird, was delicious)