Nothing To See Here

I’ve been talking (on twitter) about starting a blog or a category on this blog that would cover our home-buying and subsequent renovations. I’ve drafted a bunch of things in my head but if you look at the last time I posted, you’ll see that those posts never came to fruition. Oops!

We closed on our house August 24th and we moved into it about 2 weeks later. It’s livable BUT there is work to do in order to make it ours.

Currently we are a mess of boxes, bins and just… stuff everywhere. But it’s ours and that feels good. There hasn’t really been much to show because we’re in a perpetual state of waiting on contractors and bids and emails and phone calls, and, and, and.

All of this to say I WILL be sharing with you guys and I have been so appreciative of your well wishes, kind thoughts and  gifts – thank you!