A Year With Shiro 

I’m writing this to you from my bed while I listen to Shiro ripping up some paper that came in my Amazon order today (Chrissy Teigen’s Cravings – it’s SO good, you should buy it). 

Today marks one year that Shiro has been with us. One year that has given me an absurd amount of joy and happiness. I’ve said (to The Ethiopian & on instagram today) that adopting her saved my life. It’s not that I was in a dark place but she filled a void I wasn’t even aware existed. 

I’m not comparing my cat to your kids but she’s my baby and I just can not get enough of her. Her sweet little face, her intricate markings, her insta purr, and her incessant talking – I love it all.

I love that we’ve been able to give her a home and I’m pretty sure she’s as happy here as we are that she’s part of our team. Here’s to many, many more years of happiness – we love you.