This is where I sit down and tell you that I am struggling to stay motivated to do pretty much anything these days. I know that in this very moment some of it is hormones but some of it is the weather and a dollop of really trying to figure out how to be effective in working from home.

That last bit is really crucial. I’ve basically always worked since I was 16 and so the notion that I don’t have a traditional job to go to is kind of left me in a weird head space. I know that it takes some time to adjust but sometimes I feel rudderless and I have to reel myself in and tell my brain to shut up!

When I stop to think about all the time I have during the day and how much I’m currently not doing with it – I get angry with myself because I know that being able to chase this dream of mine is such a huge gift.

I’m writing this all down so that I can maybe get out of my own way a little. I’m acknowledging that not having a job in the traditional sense is not easy and that I need to focus on the things that are right in front of me if I’m going to be successful. Also, I need to really commit to the be physical part of my not resolutions.

So, for better or for worse – that’s where I’m at. I’m going to stay on top of this topic because I think it’s helpful to understand just what it’s like to make that transition and als for my own sanity.