Not Resolutions

I’ve been thinking about things that I’d like to do in this year – I’m not calling them resolutions because inevitably I will make a list of those never to be looked at again. Am I playing myself by but calling them resolutions and going that it helps me to stick to them? Probably. But I make the rules of this game, so these are just general things I’ve been thinking about.

– Continue to grow my business. Really focus on reminding people that taking photos is what I love and bonus: I’m really good at it! 

– Be more physical. I’m probably never (ever, ever) going to the person who gets amped for exercise but I need to do it because I spend so many hours at my desk when editing or just not moving and I fully recognize how hard on my body that is. 

Ideally, I’d like to plan more activities with my friends that are focused outdoors. Maybe dust off that bike The Ethiopian night for me.

– Continue to read more. I Sokol can’t believe I read 14 books while I was in Ethiopia. It reminded me of how much joy books bring me and how much I can accomplish without the internet as a distraction ?

– This is crazy, but I’d like to cool something from every cookbook I own. Just one recipe from every book. And nothing that I’ve tried before.  This is one in going to have to stay on top of but would be so much fun. Maybe.

– Have more (redacted). You’re smart, I’m sure you can figure it out but my Mom might read this.