One of my (not) resolutions this year was to be more physical. We’re nearing the end of January and let’s just cut to the chase – it hasn’t happened…yet. I’m adding that yet because I have to get it together. It being my life.

Last night I suddenly remembered that The Ethiopian had had some blood work done a few weeks ago and that I never looked at the results so, since we were together I figured we’d look. Turns out he has borderline high cholesterol. We’d previously been made aware that his cholesterol was a little elevated but it seems to have gone up slightly. Enough that I’m starting to think about all of the lifestyle changes we need to make as a family in order for us to lower it. I do largely think his is hereditary because we’re not big beef eaters and we don’t eat meat every day but there are changes we can make as we try to get it down without the help of medication.

So with that and the fact that I haven’t even begun to commit to my (not) resolution – I’m having to step back and really look at the big picture. It’s like I just woke up and realized that I am knocking on 40’s door and things just don’t get easier as we get older. I’m not going to make any huge, sweeping changes because I find that those only serve as a pipeline to eventual failure but I’m thinking more and more about becoming a pescetarian or maybe even exploring vegetarianism again. Mostly, these are just embryonic ideas based on my own state of mind and fears about my husband but they’re certainly worth investigating further.

Man, being an adult is just – sometimes I just have to stop and laugh and wonder how my Mom did it all and didn’t drop us off at a fire station and meanwhile I’m in a two person household and trying not to go curl up in a corner and cry. I guess that’s when you fully become an adult, right? When you start to empathize with your parents? I’ve got a long road ahead.