Sweet Thing

One of the positive side-effects of my company folding and starting to work for myself is that I’ve lost weight. Part of it is that while working – I’d eat out of sheer boredom and now that I’m largely at home, food = effort and I rarely want to make any.

I still need to implement some kind of exercise regimen because I spend long stretches at my desk and when I’m working I need to have all of the stamina and endurance in the whole world because as simple as some people like to make it seem – taking photos is hard ass work.

I have however, been thinking a lot lately about my relationship with sugar. I love sugar. She’s my bae. I’m going with her because something as sweet and addicted HAS to be female, right? I can’t see myself foregoing it 100% because I am definitely one of those people for whom deprivation never works. I can’t have something? I want it a million times over. But I’m going to do some reading about sugar addiction and detox and go from there because the last thing I want to do is compromise my health for a Coca-Cola.

If you have any advice about this please tell me about it via email (hello @ this domain or my first name @outlook) or on twitter (@alovedlife). I want to go into this as informed as possible because I know that eliminating sugar can have a host of terrible side-effects and I want to be armed so that I’m prepared for what might come my way.