A Loved List: Gratitude

I think today is the perfect day for a list of things that I’m grateful for. I hope that wherever you are and whatever you’re doing, it’s in peace.

– The Ethiopian being able to pop home in the middle of the day just to give me a kiss before heading back to work
– Dinner & a movie with friends this evening
– Good news from two friends that I worry about a lot (you know who you are and yes, I worry! I’m a worrier!)
– A new (to me) car. Thanks to The Ethiopian
– Finished reading Animal Farm in bed last night with The Ethiopian (I guess he’s a theme?). We read aloud to each other and then discussed the book like two nerds.
– My brother-in-law, Serway. We called Ethiopia to speak to him yesterday and he’s always such a gift.
– Shiro. Didn’t realize there was a tiny hole in my heart that this little furball filled.
– The changing weather – I’m going to miss it being light out until 8pm but cooler days? Bring it on.
– The West Wing. I never watched when it was on air and so I’m watching on Netflix now. SO. GOOD.