At some point last year I (and the rest of the internet) fell into the rabbit-hole that was Serial which essentially served as the cement to my podcast love affair. Over time, I’ve stopped listening to some and became deeply obsessed with others and so I thought I’d share some of my absolute favorites. Also, please tell me your favs over on twitter (@alovedlife) or email me (hello @ alovedlife.com)

Another Round – Done by two AMAZING black women, Another Round is so smart, so funny and it’s like talking to your girlfriends in the most comfortable way ever.
Better Than The Movie – If you like books, you will LOVE this podcast.
Death, Sex & Money – This is one of my newer obsessions but it’s SO good. They recently did a New Orleans/post Katrina series that was amazing!
Last Name Basis – Interracial husband and wife podcast that focuses on what’s going on in our world with so much quirk and laughter.
Reply All – This is probably my very favorite podcast. It reminds me some of This American Life (another fav) but it’s so incredibly smart.
Spilled Milk Podcast – Molly & Matthew were doing podcasts before podcasts were a thing and they have incredible chemistry that makes you wish you could be in the room with them.