It’s a little after 6 a.m. as I start this post. On one side of me The Ethiopian is snoring and on the other, Shiro is snuggled into my side and quietly purring.

The last handful of days I’ve been up early. Sometimes I grab my phone, read a little and wait for sleep to come back around and sometimes I’m just up.

This past weekend I went home which actually seems funny to say. I guess for me, home is where I was born and where my Mom is :) In typical fashion, the few days I sad home were packed with everything and they flew by. On the way back to my new (real?) home I stopped and spent some much needed time with my friend Emily.  

As always, I think often of this little space of mine. Stories of life to tell, pictures and videos to archive and, like always – days become weeks and sometimes months before I get around to it but I can’t bear to let it go because I need this space to come back to just in case. 

I guess it’s just an it is what it is situation. The more I think about it, I guess a lot of blogs are or used to be and I just need to write when the mood strikes and let everything else fall to the side.