Big Old Life Update

Hi! (taps mic) Is this thing on? It’s so funny to be connected to the Internet almost as extension of myself and yet this space languishes, collecting virtual spiderwebs that I occasionally pop in to sweep up. So much of my life has changed this year that I know I’ll be sad if I don’t take the time to document things – and also write. I miss writing. 

My brother-in-law (one of them) made a quick stop in America via Thailand and so for those 10 or so days he was here we crammed in all the family time. ALL. THE. FAMILY. TIME. It was like a holiday, but in the middle of summer. Still, a welcome visit. 


This also means that I saw a lot more of my nieces because said brother-in-law stays with the father of our nieces. You guys already know my nieces are everything in this world to me and when I walk through they door? It’s the closest I’m probably ever going to feel to being a rockstar. 

I’ve been encouraging them to read by buying them books and making them give me oral book reports. My oldest niece is a voracious reader, and the middle mimics her every move so hopefully the tiny one continues on that path.  It’s such a small thing but so, so important. Which reminds me, I should plan to take them to a public library and get them library cards this summer. 

I’m shooting a wedding in (less than!) two weeks and I’m really, really excited about it. Photography continues to challenge me in ways innumerable but I love it. LOVE. I just need to be more proactive about getting people to pay me for it ;)

What else? My goddaughter and one of my bff’s swung by to hang out with me for an afternoon. My goddaughter is 16 and there are moments wherein I see the teenager in here but often she is insightful, serious and contemplative and I really love that about her. While she was here we talked about her life plans. I’ll talk more about what she shared in another post because it was a lot for me to unpack. 

So. Right now, I guess that’s it. My summer so far is family, food and photos. Not a bad life. This is where I tell you I’m going to make a concerted effort to write more but you know how that goes so I’ll see you when I see you.