A Day

I woke up this morning and made a mental to-do list. A quick trip to Target, maybe lunch and then back home to do some work for my photography business but life had other plans. I was done at Target ($20 y’all!) and headed home my car just died. I could feel the power gradually going and I was able to make it so I wasn’t fully blocking traffic but God sent me an angel who PUSHED MY CAR out of the road and even tried to jump it, to no avail, for me. I called my insurance to get roadside assistance and I waited for about an hour until the tow truck showed up – thankfully my phone was fully charged.

So, here I sit – $700 poorer but thankful that we had $700 to fix it. I may have had a small (major) meltdown earlier about it. But I’m fine. Have I ever talked about how one of the things I do when I’m stressed is to rearrange furniture? Often without a plan as to where things are going to go. Yeah. So – I rearranged my bedroom and ate things that are not good for you and I feel better.

I hope you had a good day :)