Photobook from Artifact Uprising

Last week, Kim Kardashian revealed that she was going to release a huge book of selfies called Selfish. I know she’s divisive and I don’t care that most people don’t like her, when part of your business is about your looks, I can’t find fault in doing it. Plus, selfies are not the Antichrist. It’s okay to like taking photos of yourself as long as doing so doesn’t prevent you from being a decent human being. I LOVE SELFIES – there, I said it.

And so, in the spirit of Kim K, patron saint of selfies, I ordered a mini photobook of my own from Artifact Uprising & because I am of the people I wanted to write a quick little review in case it was something you might consider (selfies or otherwise).

– It was stupid easy to create. I downloaded an app to my iphone, gave access to instagram & then picked the 40 photos I wanted to include in my book.
– Size. The size is 5.5×5.5 and it’s kind of perfect for maintaining the quality of your instagram photos but actually being able to see them.
– Quality. I chose a softcover book and the quality really is very lovely. It was also packaged quite well & came to me perfectly.

– Cost. I know that printing is expensive & I didn’t really balk at the price when I ordered it, but in hindsight – $23.98 (base cost + shipping) seems like a bit much for what I ended up getting.
– Pages. While the quality of the paper really is lovely, I wish the photos inside had been printed on glossy paper. I don’t recall seeing this as an option, and if it is – my bad. Part of me feels like if they were just going to print them on the paper I’d rather have a standard sized book with 4 images per page. Your mileage may vary.

I’m not listing this as a con but just a note – if your instagram photos have borders that are not strictly white, those will print. It’s really neither here nor there for me, because this was just a silly little vanity project, but just a note.

Overall, I like it but I can’t see an occasion in which I’d purchase another one. I’ve been told that Mosaic photobooks are pretty great & I may try one of those because I really do like the idea of having printed photos to look at – selfies and otherwise. If you know of any other photobook printers (particularly for instagram/iphones) that you recommend – please feel free to share them in the comments or with me on twitter (@alovedlife).