Let It Go

I admire the kind of people who can say to themselves that they’re just not going to worry or think about a particular something at any given point. I, however, am my mother’s child and was not gifted that ability.

I feel like the more I age, the more likely I am to fret over things both big and small. It’s not an outward ordeal or something that prevents me from living my life but more of an internal static that I can’t quite turn off. If there is a particular something weighing heavy on my mind, I will often lay in bed at night running back scenarios or replaying conversations until I fall asleep.

I suppose part of this is very classically the O in OCD and it’s definitely something I try to actively work on. When I see myself hyper-focusing, I try to push whatever it is out of my mind by redirecting my brain onto something else. This is usually moderately effective. Or a failure :)

I say all of this to say I want to be the kind of person who just lets go. Who just says to themselves – it’s over, let it go and then actually does that. I’m not sure how I’m going to reinforce this but I guess acknowledging it is a start?