Good Life

I think about updating this little space of mine so often. I love words, I love this domain, I love sharing my little life but writing always gets pushed to the back burner for me. Yet, when I think about shuttering this space it makes me sad and so here we are.

We’ve been back from Ethiopia for about a week. The trip was a whirlwind. I know that probably seems overly dramatic since I was gone just shy of 3 weeks but really, we were there and then we weren’t.

Jet lag has been brutal. I’ve spent the bulk of the hours in the last week asleep or thinking about going to sleep (I just yawned – ha!) but in the hours that jet lag doesn’t have me in a vise grip – I’ve been pretty productive. I was unpacked within a day or two of being home, my apartment is 97% clean and I’ve gone back to work & I haven’t messed anything up yet so I’m calling it a success.

My family remains a gift. We ate, we laughed, we partied, we danced, we slept (a lot!) and it was all so absolutely blissful and I can’t wait to do it again.