If it’s possible to benefit from jet lag (verdict still out) – I’m enjoying my slow mornings. Since we’ve been back, I wake up between 5 and 6 a.m., I force myself to lay in bed, usually trying to hide the quiet glow of my phone from The Ethiopian. After he’s up and running, I’ve been getting up and making us breakfast. I like sending him off with something to get him through the morning & I love breakfast so we both win.

Today, I even dragged down the coffeemaker and (this is huge) I think I might be getting over my obsession with that giant coffee retailer that has the green straws. I don’t want to get to cocky, because I’ve had these feelings before, but I think I might be about to free myself from their clutches.

I miss Ethiopia, more specifically – I miss hanging out with my family, the living room fireplace and being wrapped up in my gabi because there’s always a chill in the air. I’ve yet to go completely through my photos – mostly because I’m lazy – but partially because going through them really means vacation is over, even though my heart knows it’s already a done deal. Here are a handful of iphone shots in the meantime.