It seems that some of the most valuable lessons we need to survive in this great world are often the hardest ones to actually learn. For me – they are the art of saying no, learning when to let go and making myself (and my happiness) a priority.

Somehow, I think I expected that one day I’d just wake up and I’d know these things. That with my age, would come this mythical wisdom and I would suddenly be in totally control. What a big, fat lie I’ve been living.

I need to tack them to a wall, scribble them on my forehead because somewhere along the way – I’ve veered off the path and I’m not doing a very good job at adulting. Yes, I just made the word adult a verb – it’s okay.

Maybe what I’m experiencing is growing pains? Do you get those at 35? :) I’m not in some weird spiral of self-loathing – I know better than that, but I can absolutely try to remind myself that the most important person in my life is me because at the end of the day – you’re all you got.